Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Vignette

I "think" I have finally finished my Valentine's vignette. I am looking for a little silver heart frame though, I think that might top it off. I'm very happy with it though. Details if you are interested Large vase with a prayer candle and rose petals inside, from DT. Wordle that I made, you can find that post here. Three hearts are picks from DT, as well as the frame. I was inspired by Brassy Apple. X & O are from JoAnn's. I painted them and added a coat of glitter. The love vase and filler are from DT and the tea lite is from WalMart. The jar of hearts I made, you can find that post here. The Love, Kiss, and Dream candles were from Target ages ago. The spinning glittered heart is from JoAnn's.

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Brassy Apple said...

Hey it turned out great! thanks for trying my tutorial and better yet - sharing your finished project with me! :)