Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Goals, Wishes, Hopes, Dreams for 2012

I hope everyone had a memorable Christmas and New Years!!

I wish you the best year ever filled with love, laughs, good health, and wealth ♥

Wow, I didn't realize I haven't blogged since October!! I didn't even finish my Halloween posts =( I have a new computer now, so hopefully I don't use that as an excuse anymore lol. I didn't forget about my blog, as a matter of fact, I think about it all the time, especially as of late, but my lord do I lack motivation. I have so many plans, goals, etc. but my pillow just calls my name so loud when I come home from work that I can't hear anything else. I'm going to list all of the things that I would like to accomplish this year, so this could be a long post. You may want to grab your Diet Coke or coffee and get compfy!!

Goal #1: Ok, I'll list it...make an effort to dust off the ol blog on occasion. I have taken so many pictures and thought of some great things to post, but I just never have. I'm going to start making a blog weekly calendar to see if this helps me. The one I'm starting off with is from Amy at Living Locurto.

Goal #2: I know everyone always says this, but I really need to find myself some financial stability on my own, and not have everything linked with hubby. Hubby has paid off all of his credit cards and I need to do the same. Kudos to him, but I'm so jealous at his resolve. I'm going to start small, try to cut my purchasing of scrap kits, craft supplies, clothes, shoes, purses (ie: all the necessities of being a girl!) and start paying off the credit cards, and maybe start a savings account. My scrapping could make a dent in the National Debt!!

Goal #3: Another one that everyone hopes for: do something, anything really, about my health. I actually did go to the eye doctor last February, so that was last years that I accomplished. I have a thyroid problem that I was treating, but have stopped over the last few years. Need to get myself going with that. I would also like to restart pilates or yoga. I did enjoy them in the past, so have to pull out those DVD's. But again...the pillow calls...maybe I need to buy a quieter pillow!!

Goal #4: Organize and purge. Actually I should have reversed that but whatever. I've been stalking so many blogs lately and realize after looking at their beautiful homes that I really need to get rid of some "items". I did get a lot done last year, but this year, I really want to put my foot down, carefully of course, you never know what I could step on =)

Goal #5: Cook and bake more. This is another one I do every year. I blame it on hubby because he doesn't like a lot of variety in his food, and he doesn't eat a lot of the same cuisine that I do. I have collected a hardrive full of recipes so I'm going to try to menu plan. I see this on blogs so much, and it really seems to work for them. I'm hoping that helps with the grocery shopping too so I'm not just buying things that sound good at that moment.

Goal #6: I would like to go room to room in my house and finish or rearrange my decorating. Sometimes I fall into a rut and I've been so inspired by all of you (thanks Pinterest). I'd like to do a lot of things that I've pinned and renew my love of my house. I have a ton of crafty supplies and I need to start using them before I have to dust them =)

Goal #7: I want to be BFF's with my camera. I've had the little guy a year now and have just recently started to photograph in manual. There is hope for me, so those that are posting photography tips, keep at it, I need those!!

Goal #8: I'm going to be a grandma in May and I would like to be ready for the little girl when she arrives. I started shopping as soon as I knew, so that is helping. My goal is that everytime I go out that I purchase one thing. Kinda' kills goal #2, but I'm doing it in moderation.

So...I think that's it for now. Lists like this I know are always meant to be improved upon!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!