Thursday, February 24, 2011


I've come to the conclusion I need help. I'm addicted to buying supplies to make all sorts of fabby stuff that I see on blogs while I'm out stalking. I've been to Michaels three times in two weeks, and JoAnn's at least once, but I'm thinking twice. I hadn't spent my Christmas money yet, so I've been buying some scrappy stuff, lots of punches (I think this is going to be my new addiction!), and I found some great Parisian decor at Michaels. Now you're wondering why if I've been shopping, why haven't I posted anything new. Well, even if you're not...I AM! I've spent all my time surfing these damn blogs that I'm addicted too. I need help...and lots of it...QUICK!

OH...almost forgot, I also had to reformat my computer twice in two weeks. Still don't have it completely ready to go yet =(

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