Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16

I'm posting this early because no matter what happens today, I think this pretty much tops it! I took this pic at 8 a.m. and yes it says -11° F. Which I know to those that live in the mountains on both coasts are thinking to yourselves, gee, I would love to see that heatwave, lol. Well, this is Ohio and it's not supposed to be this freakin cold!!!

January 15

See...the hazardous trip to the store paid off, lol. No matter what I tried to do to the photo though, the lettuce still looks nasty! I swear it was green, and yummy!! And you're prolly wondering what's in the crispy flour tortilla? Well, I'm tellin' you anyway! Seasoned chicken strips, 2 kinds of cheeses, onions, tomatoes, salsa, and a little seasonin'. The sour cream on top just made it even more yummier!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 14

There are days that nobody ever questions the fact that I'm blonde. Today is one of them. The temperature is in the single digits, you can't see the road, and I have of all things, a Mustang. Yes, I am out by choice. It was either starve or go to the grocery store. I mean literally starve. There wasn't even any pasta that I could boil and pass off as edible.

January 13

This is the view outside of my door by my desk (yes, beside aforementioned naked tree). Before the contractors came in this was the most beautiful site to see with all the snow. Now there are two trees left. Sad.

January 12

Yes, this is my Christmas Tree that has been undecorated for a bit now. There's too much snow to wrestle the tree out the door. So it sits there beside me, all naked and lonely.

January 11

Miaya and Squeakers wanted out. Then they wanted in.

January 10

We got to the movie theatre a little early, lol to see Bride Wars. The movie had it's amusing parts, but it was kinda' slow.

January 9

Yeah, it's a dog. And yeah, dog is driving the car. This is Chompy, my step daughter's dog, and yes, I believe that the dog prolly drives better than she does!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 8

The fortune cookie from yesterday was correct!!! I was accepted as a new member on two different creative teams for stores!!! I know some of you that are reading this don't really know what that means, but it's a big thing to me, and I'm very excited! Digital scrapbooking is done all on the computer instead of going to a regular brick and mortar store (like JoAnn's for instance). Stores and designers (the people who make the kits) hire people to make things out of their work as a tool for advertisement. Say you see a layout or tag that you really like, then you are more inclined to buy the kit. That's what's so cool about being on a creative team (CT for short), you get the products for FREE!! That is your payment for doing something that you normally would do anyway, and gives you an opportunity to work with designers that you may not have a chance to otherwise. If you know me really well, you know I live in my PSP (Paint Shop Pro, a graphics/photo editing program similar to Adobe).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 6

Ok, Squeakers won. I finally took the ornaments off the tree today. Still has the lights on it though. Just can't bring myself to part with it. We take it down the road to the boat dock and they dump in the water and the fishies make a reef out of it. And I will bitch for the next 6 months that I have pine needles stuck in my feet.

January 5

Go Buckeyes!! Well, ok, they tried at least. We went over to Scott's cousin's for spaghetti. Begging wore out his dog.

January 4

This is Squeakers. Squeakers is telling me that the needles are falling off the dead tree and I really need to take the decorations off and drop the thing in the lake for the fishes.

January 3

Yep, this is what I did all day. Literally ALL day. No, I'm not kidding either.

January 2

Not a very eventful day here either. Slept in way too late, went to Burger King for lunch, then we went to a movie. This movie was hysterical!!

January 1

Woohoo! The first day of the year! For the first time in prolly 20 years, Scott and I didn't go out. His parents needed help moving a tv, so after Scott got off of work, we went over to do that and have Taco Bell for dinner. We came home early enough to watch the ball drop coverage, which sucked btw. So I'm starting out the year quietly. Actually I'm starting it at the computer, lol. I spent the whole day in front of it, hence the pissed off Siamese. Yes, I know the picture sucks, I took it with my cell phone and the only light was the screens on both computers, and her glowing eyes!

December 31

Hello!! Welcome to my 365!

My what you may ask? Basically everyday I take a picture of something that happened during the day and I post it with a little detail about the photo, like the whys, wheres, how comes. You get the picture, well, I guess literally, you'll get 365 of them!

Photojojo has an article on it, just click on the website name and take a peek at it. I think it is a pretty cool idea.

I will prolly post a few days at a time, just so I do not get overwhelmed. I know if that happens, it's all over with and this won't be fun anymore, and I don't want that. This is supposed to be fun!!

Ok, I know, you're thinking that this is supposed to be a project for the new year, but this has a purpose. Last year had some very rough times in it, and these are here to remind me that 2009 is going to be better. The first one is the hot water tank that decided it was time to move on. It did get fixed on the 30th, but since I rent, I had no say in what replaced it. Imagine my surprise to see that it shrunk to a 40 gallon tank that had a sticker on it from 2001! The first time I run out of hot water...The second picture has an airplane in it. Yes, it does, I swear, I was there, I saw it take off, lol. That was a very sad day. My step daughter has never been with us for Christmas morning (she's 17), and she had the opportunity to fly here to spend it with us. That was her dad's present, and boy was he surprised!! She flew out on the 29th, and this picture was taken across the street from the airport.