About Me

Hi, I am Debbie and I am your digital hostess and Queen of A Day in My Life!

I am a wife to a wonderful man who somehow manages to love me no matter how many things I break, or how many gray hairs I give him <3 I have a beautiful stepdaughter who has also blessed me with my grand daughter. My boxers are my furry little children, and are spoiled rotten!

We purchased a new home a few years back, so this messy space is where you will see how I turn it into a home. I hope to share decorating, cooking, photography, my family, and all my booboos along the way. Sometimes my bright ideas save us a little money, and...sometimes well, get out the Visa.

Let's see, what else:

I am Ohio Buckeye born and bred.

I work in an IT cubicle farm.

My passions are: my husband and kids, photography, graphic design, nature, animals, the ocean.

I always say that I'm not a people person, but I sure do talk alot.

I am a dog person.

I am very, very vain. The world doesn't know that I wear glasses when I am home by my lonesome (shhhhh! our little secret).

I hate my teeth. They hate me.

I love doing for others, but I have a selfish streak when it comes to material things.

I love jewel tones and black and white.

I would live at the ocean in a cottage if I could.

I am not a big fan of change. I'll adapt, but I'll whine first.

I love to get all dolled up in heels and a dress.

I have a fear of birds...and spiders...and clowns!!!

I love music even though I can't sing (wont even sing in the shower it's that bad).

I want to be remembered.

I am a domestic diva...or would like to think I am *s*

I love to decorate, and each room in my house is different.

I used to be addicted to tanning.

I have a thyroid problem that makes me not feel well a lot of the time and it affects my memory.

I LOVE my pillow, ok, really I love to sleep, doesn't matter when or where.

I would die without chocolate and Diet Pepsi.  Yes, literally.  Tried to give them up and the migraines and upset tummy were so not worth it.

I have to continually point out to hubby that I really do love him more that aforementioned sleep, chocolate, and Diet Pepsi.

I have a mouth of a sailor.

I want a tat so bad, but I'm deathly scared of needles. I'd have a heart attack before I had the first dot of ink.

I am a huge procrastinator, hence why I have so many projects and none of them are finished.

The three most important non material things in my life are my family, love, and my dreams.

The three most important material things in my life are my laptop, camera, and phone.  They hold all of my life through pictures.

I am a total purse and shoe hoarder.  What's worse is I can't even part with ONE to thin out my collection.

I'm a shopaholic.

I collect dust bunnies.

I have a craft supply buying problem...there needs to be a 12 step program...we should meet at Michaels or JoAnns after the Sunday ad comes out.

Thank you so much for reading ;)

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