Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Vignette

I "think" I have finally finished my Valentine's vignette. I am looking for a little silver heart frame though, I think that might top it off. I'm very happy with it though. Details if you are interested Large vase with a prayer candle and rose petals inside, from DT. Wordle that I made, you can find that post here. Three hearts are picks from DT, as well as the frame. I was inspired by Brassy Apple. X & O are from JoAnn's. I painted them and added a coat of glitter. The love vase and filler are from DT and the tea lite is from WalMart. The jar of hearts I made, you can find that post here. The Love, Kiss, and Dream candles were from Target ages ago. The spinning glittered heart is from JoAnn's.

Leopard Print Frame & Candle

First time I've had to be creative in a week, and I have tons of projects all over my kitchen. Which I do need to clean up here soon because it's getting late and someone prolly might want to eat dinner lol. Out of all the half projects that I have going today, I did finish this frame and candle set. My bedroom is done in safari prints, so when I start reorganizing in there, I want to add a new shelf. I have a zebra set almost done, and started the giraffe one also. For those that are curious, I used a $1.00 frame from Michael's, paper from JoAnn's, and a prayer candle from Dollar Tree.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


My Public Service Announcement for the day...really shouldn't I call it Blogland Reminder Service...that's it...I'm renaming it next time lol. Anyway, time to back up your bloggie!! If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, you can find the intstructions @ Funky Junk Interiors. You need to do this know, while the Mod Podge dries lol.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jar of Hearts

Have you heard the song "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri? I would even claim it could be my song of the moment. The lyrics are on the sad side, but the music is beautiful. So it hits me the other night, why not make a jar of hearts for V-Day?! Ok, the theory only had something to do with the title, but I thought maybe it will be a good project.

I had purchased a bag of assorted heart sizes from Michael's (I'm using the small ones) and I'm using Craftsmart brand paint, color is Holiday Red. So here I sit painting these small hearts asking myself what was I thinking?! My fingers are coated in red paint, and instead of seeing stars, I'm seeing hearts. Thankfully this stuff is washable or I'd be going to work tomorrow looking like...well, I don't know...messy maybe lol. Here's a picture so far.

Ok, I'm to the point that if I see another heart, I'll cry lol. Scott says that there aren't near enough in there. I told him grab a brush and some paint! Just need to make myself a label for the top...another heart I'm sure lol.

Roses with Black Frame

Is it possible to ever die while you wait for your craft to dry?! I had to start this post just so I'd leave my frame alone lol. I've seen so many of these frames around blogland that I thought I'd try to put my own spin on it as much as possible.

I started out with the basics: frame (Michael's $1.00), acrylic paint (black - $2.00 for that huge bottle), foam brush (a whole 7 cents), and of all things, a spoon holder for a palette. What was even better is I had a 20% off coupon for my whole purchase =) Anyway, I painted about an inch around the front, the edges, and all of the back because I have the type of friends that will prolly pick it up and flip it over, and I'd die if it wasn't all the way painted!! I had picked up these cute wordarts from Michael's too ($1.00). The catch is they're already painted. I should have sanded them down a bit, I didn't realize how hard it would be to cover pepto pink. What seemed like twenty coats later, I finally have it to my satisfaction. Just debating if I want to Mod Podge it or not. In this picture the letters aren't completely done just so you could see the lovely pink shade.

Now all the paint is dry, I've cut out my lovely rose paper, Mod Podged my frame, stuck on paper, and because I don't have a brayer (added to shopping list), I used his old debit card. I just coated the top of the paper, and I'm anxiously waiting for it to dry.

Well, it dried, and I hate the results. Because someone has borrowed my exacto knife, I had to use a box cutter and it made the edges crappy. So...out comes the nail files. I sanded down the edges of the paper, but I still didn't like it, and I didn't like the Mod Podge finish. I had bought an extra sheet of that rose paper thankfully, so I cut out another one, cutting out the center part first this time. Mod Podged it on, and still wasn't pleased. Used a coarser grit nail file on the edges, a little better. Then I had an idea. I painted around the edges of the frame and rubbed the paint a little for a distressed, inked type of edges. I so love it now, but I don't want to seal it with the Podge...

Wasn't quite sure still about the letters. I Podged the back of the frame and letting it dry to see how it turns out. So 20 minutes later, didn't really see a difference, so now I'm waiting on the letters to dry.

Used Gorilla Glue's Super Glue and glued the letters to the frame, and I couldn't be happier now. I just love how this turned out!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love Trio

So I finally figured out what to do with my wordle. I cut it down with a box cutter to fit into a 5x7 frame and turned it the other way. I am so much happier now!! It's our big day tomorrow so I was trying to be romantic. He just thinks I'm trying to burn the house down =) The big vase is from Dollar Tree, so is the prayer candle in the middle, and of course the red rose petals are too. I guess you can imagine that the little vase are and the frame that I had to buy because I didn't want to hunt through my stash.

Yesterday I did a very bad thing. I went to Michael's. They had a one day only 20% off everything coupon, and well, you just can't waste a coupon now can we?! I think the most expensive things I bought we two starfish for a bowl that I have shells in. I bought a ton of frames, wood pieces parts, glitter, and these beautiful Christmas baskets (take out the felt with the snowmen and they are all seasons!). I just increased my to-do list by a mile lol. Have to get busy and start craftin'. Then as I'm typing this, I remember, I never got the ad in my email. Do yourself a favor. Don't look at it. Acrylic paint, vase fillers, and open paper stock are on sale!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anniversary Wordle

I've been seeing all of these wonderful wordles around lately, and I remember using it ages ago for something fun, but I've found new uses. I made one for my anniversary in shades of red and pink and printed it out on white cardstock and put it into one of those lovely Dollar Tree frames. I'm thinking though it's kinda plain. Scott suggested putting it into a smaller frame. Which means a trip to the dollar store because I don't want to have to dig through my whole collection to find a 5x7. I need other stuff anyway, so never hurts to stop in lol. I also thought about taking some rose petals and putting them in the frame too. I just don't know. Anyway, I thought maybe someone might like to use the wordle, so you can download it here. It prints 8x5 an a 1/4 ish. No, measuring is not my strong point. Neither is math. That's why I have a hubby. It's his job! If you make anything with it, would you mind commenting with the link. I would love to see how someone else can spice it up.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hi, I'm Debbie and I'm...

...addicted to napping lol. I have a to-do list a mile long, and all I have done each night after work this week is nap!! Now how am I supposed to get anything done?! *sigh* Tonight I decided no nap for me. Well, okay, technically I'm off tomorrow and I don't have to get up before the rooster does, but that's besides the point that I get to sleep in. I did clean out a drawer in my dresser tonight, all went in a bag for my gf that is dying to get her hands on my closet. Not sure what she finds so interesting in there, but she wants to help me clean it out. I don't think so. I'd cry. She'd take things that I love, like that, and that, and oh definitely that. Or worse, she'd take pictures of what it really looks like and post them on Facebook. *shrieks* I did get a couple of simple projects done though.

In case you have been hiding in a cave (and it's prolly clean and organized), these four lovely glass pieces came from my local Dollar Tree. Actually so did the filler for the three vases in the second picture. I bought the wood pieces parts bags awhile ago, and had them in a basket, but it was overflowing, so this was the perfect place to put them. And I love rocks. Yes, always have. I can remember being a little kid and picking up rocks that I loved and felt needed rescued from anyone's house that had a gravel driveway. I know, I had issues. They've only increased in price since then too. The issues, not the rocks. I would love to credit the one individual that came up with this idea, but I bet I've seen it on a hundred blogs that I've quietly stalked.

I also ran around the house with a small tote and emptied all of my junk bowls. Bowls? Yes. You have a junk drawer, I must fill every bowl instead. I put shells in the bowls in the dining room since it has a nautical theme. If I have stuff in them I'll be less likely to pile crap on top. The rest of the house I think I'm going to saran wrap to keep them empty. I'm kidding, don't worry. Well, I'm off to work on two more projects that I want to get done before my anniversary. Which reminds me, I need to buy a card...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

If You Have Time...

...could you stop by and check out this very cool project that Amanda from Today's Top 20 is hosting. It's a very worth cause and I think it's an awesome idea!!

Gabe's Gifts


So...All of you out there in blogland that keep posting all these get organized posts, etc., you're a bad influence on me!! I finally did finish that closet that I posted about in the goals list. It's still packed full as I use it for storage, but everything is in labelled totes and it's not near as full as it was. Ended up with 17 bags for Goodwill, 2 bags of trash, 3 bags of stuff to go to girlfriends with kids. Still not done with that room yet, as I want to turn it back into my room. My stepdaughter moved out last summer and we weren't sure she would be staying moved out, so I left everything as is, but I just can't take it anymore!! It's an extension of my closet, as that is where I keep my purses in totes and my shoe collection (just call me Imelda Marcos) in there. I want to add a desk in there and rearrange some furniture but hubby still regards it as her room so I can't change any furniture =( She's almost 20, she's not going to care if there's a desk in a room that she doesn't sleep in anymore lol. I did ask her though, like I said, she doesn't care. It was more of a why are you asking me answer, but I gathered she didn't care. So now I get to gather all of my crafty stuff which is hidden all over the house and put it into one space =) woohoo!! Since I came home early from work, going to maybe work on my dresser drawers *sigh* that should be a job...

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Must Do NOW!!!

Well that shoulda' got your attention! Funky Junk Interiors has just posted some very, very important info for all of us bloggers. If you have a blog with Blogger, please stop by this post to see how to back up your blog in case the unforeseeable happens. I should make that a weekly reminder post *adds to goal list*.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goals For 2011

Hi! Bet you thought I forgot about you again lol. No, I didn't. Really. By the time I get back to blogging, I always feel like maybe I should reintroduce myself each time. I'm thinking that if I blog my goals for this year, that maybe, just maybe, I'll have a chance at getting them done. Maybe my first goal should be blog more!!

Goal #1: Ok, I'll list it...make an effort to dust off the ol blog on occasion.

Goal #2: I know everyone always says this, but I really need to find myself some financial stability on my own, and not have everything linked with hubby. Last year he resolved to pay off all of is credit cards and not charge anything all year, and dammit, he did it. Kudos to him, but I'm so jealous at his resolve. I'm going to start small, try to cut my purchasing of scrap kits and tubes down to a minimum, start paying off the credit cards, and maybe start a savings account. My scrapping could make a dent in the National Debt!!

Goal #3: Another one that everyone hopes for: do something, anything really, about my health. I HAVE to go to the eye doctor soon or you're going to find the print on this blog gettin' real big. I have a thyroid problem that I was treating, but have stopped over the last few years. Need to get myself going with that. I would also like to restart pilates or yoga. I did enjoy them in the past, so have to pull out those DVD's.

Goal #4: Organize and declutter. Actually I should have reversed that but whatever. I've been stalking so many blogs lately and realize after looking at their beautiful homes that I really need to get rid of some "items". There's this closet in Dawnanna's room that I don't think I've opened in years. It was supposed to be hubby's closet, but it ended up where he was keeping his nice clothes and then he outgrew them lol and I just kept piling more crap in there. So now it is (was) piled literally to the limit. I'm to embarrassed to post before pics, but lets say 15 bags of Goodwill later, I'm ready to start putting some stuff back in there. Want to do the linen closet too. AND the basement *runs away in fright*

Goal #5: Cook and bake more. Hubby so picky that I've managed to get in a rut with what I cook, and I hardly bake anymore. Last thing was Oreo brownies that I saw on Amanda's blog last fall sometime. I've collected literally a ton of recipes to try.

Goal #6: To decorate the house more, ok, maybe more isn't the word. Just to decorate would be better. The last few years I have become so lazy with it. The last two years we haven't even had a tree. We had one 3 yrs. ago, but not the 4th. We always used real trees and hubby doesn't want to go through all that, but he can't find a fake one he likes either *rolls eyes*. So I didn't decorate for Christmas *holds head down in shame*. When I get to the decluttering of my holiday closet, I'm going to be better at it, I may even post pics (oh, that's another goal).

So...I think that's it for now. Lists like this I know are always meant to be improved upon!!