Sunday, January 9, 2011


So...All of you out there in blogland that keep posting all these get organized posts, etc., you're a bad influence on me!! I finally did finish that closet that I posted about in the goals list. It's still packed full as I use it for storage, but everything is in labelled totes and it's not near as full as it was. Ended up with 17 bags for Goodwill, 2 bags of trash, 3 bags of stuff to go to girlfriends with kids. Still not done with that room yet, as I want to turn it back into my room. My stepdaughter moved out last summer and we weren't sure she would be staying moved out, so I left everything as is, but I just can't take it anymore!! It's an extension of my closet, as that is where I keep my purses in totes and my shoe collection (just call me Imelda Marcos) in there. I want to add a desk in there and rearrange some furniture but hubby still regards it as her room so I can't change any furniture =( She's almost 20, she's not going to care if there's a desk in a room that she doesn't sleep in anymore lol. I did ask her though, like I said, she doesn't care. It was more of a why are you asking me answer, but I gathered she didn't care. So now I get to gather all of my crafty stuff which is hidden all over the house and put it into one space =) woohoo!! Since I came home early from work, going to maybe work on my dresser drawers *sigh* that should be a job...

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