Monday, August 27, 2012

Your Soap Opera Name?

So I'm catching up on literally thousands of emails.  I put all of my blog update emails in one folder, and am reading the rest now.  A friend posted a link to find out your soap opera name.  Mine is Veronica Norville and Scott's is Mordecai Drake.  His sounds more exotic than mine, I think I'm jealous.  Are ya curious?  Go here to compare.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Smile

What We've Accomplished

Since moving into the money pit, I've decided we are going to be next moving into the poor house.

When the bank had the house dewinterized, the lackey that they sent out broke the kitchen faucet and left the water faucet in the garage on.  So, the water was at least already cleared for us, in a big way you could say.  And the garage floor was clean in that spot lol.

I have decided that I love Lowe's.  More so than the clothing store that I usually frequent so much that they know my name, and have occasionally put stuff back when it comes in because they know it will be on my must have list.  So you know Lowe's must be good.  No they aren't sponsoring me, but you know, that is such an awesome idea. Hey Lowe's!!!  I've already spent about $2000 in your stores, could ya send me a gift card?!?!?!  Gee, I'm not shy am I =)

We had to buy a kitchen faucet, a bathroom faucet because the guests can't wash their hands in that one either, a garage door opener (they took the brackets when they moved), all new door locks, a bathroom fan (the old one sounded like a tornado), and a huge pile of other little goodies.  I was actually in a Lowe's three times the first week in the house.

We also had to buy a fridge because there wasn't one.  That was my housewarming giftie from Mom, a brand new toy for me.  OMG...I LOVE my fridge now too!!!  Then when we turned on the stove to cook my first meal in my new home...holy cow...the stove smokes...that's prolly not supposed to do that.  So I have a new stove too.  I know I've hit domestic blissdom when new kitchen appliances make me as happy as puppy kisses!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Moving Day

Friday morning was going to be a good day.  The movers were coming at 9:30 and I was coming home from work at 11:30 and was going to supervise where stuff went.  I can do that.

So much for how things are supposed to go.  So on top of signing three weeks late, the carpet cleaner couldn't make it on Wednesday, so he rescheduled for Saturday.  Ok, so now what do I do with all the freaking furniture?!?!?!

Brings me back to that wonderful day in history...the day the movers CANCELLED!!!  Yep, you read that right.  I'm at work anxiously waiting for 11 am on the dot, and at 10:45 I get a text that the movers cancelled.  HUH?  Some days Scott's sense of humor just kills me.  Nope, he wasn't kidding.  When they didn't show up at 9:30, he started calling at 9:45 to see if they were lost.  No answer.  At 10:45, the guy calls and says that he's so overbooked that he can't make it, maybe Saturday.  SATURDAY?!?!??!  So Scott calls his cousin and I call my mom and I get out the cold water.  The cold water is because it's over 100ยบ out and nobody's getting sick or fainting til this is done.

Using the motorcycle trailer and our open trailer, they (meaning the boys because ain't no way I'm getting in their way) load up appliances and furniture.  After two loads, they have it.  We kept most of the furniture off the carpet for carpet guy and my garage couldn't even get a dust bunny to fit in there now.

I actually had my whole kitchen 95% set up and in working order by the end of Saturday.  A lot of it got done on Friday.  My mom stayed and cleaned the old place so I could get the new one up and running.  She did such a wonderful job that I don't remember it being that clean, and I wanted to move back in.  Apparently that was frowned upon.

The carpet cleaner did a nice job.  Most of the house has an almost white carpet, I guess you would call it alabaster.  I call it a giant mistake waiting to happen.  Somebody raised two teenagers in this house, WHY WHITE CARPET?!?!?!  Our basement has two finished rooms, one half done, and then the storage room where the water softener is.  He told us it would be cheaper to replace the carpet than clean it down there.

And the projects begin lol.

I'm So Far Behind...

...that I'm not sure I even see my behind anymore lol. There is so much to say, but I don't even know where to begin. We did find a house, couldn't remember if I told you or not. Which is why I have been not posting. It's not like the house won't let me, it's just I've either been busy, or just flat out pooped. We had to be out of old place by the 25th of June. Because of the HOA turning in random bills to the bank that needed to be resolved, they delayed our signing by three weeks. Apparently the last homeowner never paid them, plus the house was vacant for a year or so. I was so utterly frustrated you wouldn't believe.

Scott didn't sign on the house until the exact day we were supposed to out. When he texted me the picture of the keys, I almost cried. I think if I wasn't at work I would have. We were getting charged $50 a day for every day we ran over so we were putting in eighteen hours days to get out. We have an enclosed motorcycle trailer that we had loaded and ready to go the whole time. It was just parked in the driveway patiently waiting to be unloaded. Unlike most couples, this is only our third move in 19 years. The last place we had been in for seventeen years, so I had accumulated enough to qualify for hoarders! I looked at websites, listened to friends, but it still didn't go well

Everything we had out of the old place within two days except for the furniture. Why that is such a miracle is Scott wasn't coming home from work until eight at night (he works twelve hour shifts). So when I was getting home at four, I was busting my tail to get the trailer loaded with another load. Since we were moving during the week, I didn't want to ask friends to devote all those late nights to help, so I only had my mom helping. Poor Mom

So if you're still with me, you don't want to miss the next post...the Friday moving tale was a blast =)