Friday, August 26, 2011

National Dog Day

So today is the day to spoil our furry little children, the puppy dogs to be exact. Anytime I can yap about my baby Layla makes me smile. To celebrate I brought her home a stuffed football to run around the house with. Unfortunately because she's been running around at top speed, I can't get a picture of her with it, so you have to settle for yesterday's pic of her. She loves stuffed toys that have squeakers, and she follows me around the house squeaking while I do all of my chores =) If you post your furry baby pics, leave me a link so I can drop by for a visit!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I WON!!!

I'm so excited to announce that I won FolkArt's Extreme Glitter Paints by Plaid giveaway over at Nothing But Country. Can't wait to recieve them...already have a frame in mind lol. A very big thank you to MaryBeth and Plaid!!!! If you haven't checked out her site yet...well, why not?! She always has some great projects to add to the to-do list!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Signature...

So I'm reading "How About Orange" and she has a quiz on there from Ethan Allen Furniture, "What's Your Signature". Well, I love quizzes so far be it from me to pass this one up. I was a little surprised though by the results:

'The results are in – your Signature Lifestyle is Vintage. Vintage is a visually engaging mix of color and texture. A masterful display of the art of juxtaposition. Its thoughtful, collected vibe springs from a peaceful coexistence of seemingly unrelated elements. An eye-catching interplay of sunwashed fabrics, distressed finishes, and bold and graphic patterns add an element of surprise to any room.'

I never really thought of myself as vintage. Don't get me wrong, I love vintage and think sometimes I was born in a the wrong era, but I like a lot of different styles too. Then I looked through each of the rooms that they gave as examples, and for the most part, other than changing out an accessory or two for colour, I liked the examples. The closer I creep to 40 maybe I'll end up being considered vintage lol. I always considered vintage as being cream & burgundy, roses and lace. Now that I read there conclusion, I may have to agree *s* You wouldn't believe the crimes I'd commit to get a hold of that beautiful cabinet they have pictured!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today was going to be a great day, I slept in til 10, woke up refreshed, let's have waffles for breakfast I think to myself. I very rarely get to cook breakfast anymore because one of us isn't home, or we need to get up and get going somewhere. Kinda' special morning. I wander into the kitchen, get out the mixing bowls, and reach for the cabinet where the waffle recipe is. It's not really much of a recipe, just the list of ingredients. PANIC!!!!!!!! The recipe isn't there. I spend the next half an hour searching for it. Can't find it anywhere. Now I know what those keep calm posters mean lol. Take a deep breath, lets look in my favorites, I'm sure I've booked marked one. Thankfully, I have one bookmarked..."Waffle of Insane Greatness" posted by Steph over at Plain Chicken. With that kind of title, I'm all over it.

I read over the ingredients...don't have buttermilk. Oh well, 2% is going to have to do. Cornstarch?! mmmm....hey, check it out, a brand new box. We are in business. Start mixing my dry ingredients. Why in the world do I not have baking soda?! Well, we aren't going to mention that. Warm up my heart waffle maker. Yes folks, I do have a real one, but I said today was special ok?! I mix my ingredients, I sorta' wait my half hour. Ok, no not really, just 10 minutes. The rate I'm going, these aren't prolly going to be that good. It says not to use cooking spray. Oh my. I don't use it, what's the worst that's gonna happen? Cook my waffle up, open up the lid, oh wow, does it smell good. It's a nice crust on it and it really did come right out without a battle. Throw it on the plate, smother in butter and maple syrup, and the next thing I know, I ate it all!!! I forgot to take a picture!!

These are the best waffles!!!!! Since I accidentally inhaled it so fast, I had to make myself another one. Sorry, no staging, no prepping, take the picture so I can eat it!! So a big shout out to Steph for saving my tail and posting the greatest waffle recipe!!!!! Thank you (hug).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paris Journal Cover

When I was at WalMart last week I picked up some composition journals for $.40 knowing I have some great scrapbook paper in my stash to use up. I carry a small one in my purse that lists what stamps, punches, etc. that I have so I don't duplicate. I did want to have a bigger one though that I can keep track more easily, and when I see projects that I want to do, I can check to see if I need to go shopping *s*. I know, any excuse I can get to shop!! If you'd like to create something similar, I have listed some fairly simple directions.

Composition Notebook
Scrapbook Paper
Mod Podge (I used hard coat)
Lots of stamps and inks
Nail File

I traced the shape of the notebook on the back of my scrapbook paper and tried my best to cut a straight line. Podge the cover, make sure to get the edges good, and press on the paper. I didn't use a roller or credit card, just my hands to smooth it out because the paper is a pretty thick piece. Now to the fun part, the stamps. I tried to match some inks to the background, and then for the text I used black. I went slightly crazy with the stamps. I ran a nail file over the edges to make sure they were all even. I used two colors of distressing ink (Tim Holtz's Antique Linen & Tea Dye) and black ink to go around the edges. I'm sure there are a "few" scrappers that would cringe at the way I use the distressing ink. I dab a wadded up tissue on the ink then rub or dab it onto the paper. Yes, I know there prolly is a real way you are supposed to do it, but what fun would that be?! When I was finished I realized that it looked unfinished around the edges were the paper was Podged on, so I edged around with a black sharpie. Coat with at least one layer of Podge, but I will do two when I make sure that I'm done playing with the stamps =)

Stamp Credits: Tim Holtz (Visual Artistry Collection - French Market), Stampology (Everyday Elements), Hampton Art (FootLongs - Cupcakes), Hero Arts (Paris), Scrappy Cat (Everyday Assortment), and Hampton Art's Studio G Wood Stamp.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

I saw this idea over at Primitive and Proper's blog and thought it would be fun! I love to do these question type of things, and they are always so much fun to read. I would love it if you leave a comment for me if you decide to play along.

Making : A mess as always lol. My kitchen table is covered in craft projects that are half finished. Thankfully we don't eat at that table *s*.

Cooking : I found a box of vermicelli rice stuff to make for lunch. In the microwave. Does that count?

Drinking : Diet Coke. If you see me without one...PANIC!!!!!!!!!

Reading: Halfway through Jeaniene Frost's "Eternal Kiss of Darkness".

Wanting: A really good dinner, I'm absolutely starving.

Looking: At Pinterest and my email.

Playing: Rihanna's "Loud".

Wasting: I would say time, because I have only cleaned the kitchen and did one load of laundry, but today is me and puppy day. I don't have many days where it's just us, so I've lavished all of my attentions on her today.

Sewing: I had started on a purse, but got half way through it and lost interest.

Wishing: I could have the opportunity to redecorate my whole house. Oh that would be so awesome to go furniture shopping again...maybe I should also wish for an unlimited budget for that one.

Enjoying: Other than time with Layla today, the time that I get to spend with hubby, which hopefully will be later tonight.

Praying: That I recognize all the blessings in my life and can appreciate them.

Waiting: For Fall. It's just so blessed hot and humid that it literally makes me sick.

Liking: I get paid on Tuesday!!! I want to start my Christmas shopping =) I'm going to be done early this year (yes, I am aware that I say that every year).

Wondering: What lies ahead in my future. I devote way too much time to that, sometimes I forget to enjoy the present.

Loving: Scott and my furry family!

Hoping: That the company I work for wakes up and realizes that most of us aren't real crazy about the new dress policy. We went from casual business to jeans and company supplied polos. I miss getting up in the morning and getting all pretty for work =(

Marvelling: How Scott's aunt has kept going. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and has/had congestive heart failure all in this year. I know they say God doesn't give you what you can't handle, but really, I do think that is a bit much.

Needing: To relax and let things happen as they are supposed to.

Smelling: My wonderful watermelon scented candle that I picked up at Wal-Mart of all places.

Wearing: A pair of navy shorts and a white cami.

Following: My wishing star.

Noticing: That I'm getting gray hair. I need to stop looking so closely in the mirror at myself.

Knowing: That I need to strive harder to be a better person.

Thinking: About how much I enjoy my life just as it is right now.

Bookmarking: Blogs...I'm always bookmarking blogs. Is there a 12 step program for that?

Opening: The pineapple jello that I made the other day. I've nibbled on it here and there today.

Giggling: Over the fact that the aforementioned puppy is now finally worn out and is snoring at my feet.

Feeling: Content.