Monday, May 23, 2011

New Project

When I was on my way home last night I passed a house with a few things sitting in the yard with a free sign on them. They had put out this awesome boat that just screamed "take me home". Who am I to argue? I have a smaller version downstairs in the outdoorsy themed living room, but this is perfect for the dining room!! I'm so excited =) After I clean it up, I'm thinking about painting it white, then heavely distressing it and draping with a fishing net that I picked up from the Dollar Tree today. The weather just needs to dry out so I can paint *big grins*

If anyone has any wisdom to pass on as this is my first real painting project or an idea of what I could do to it, please comment...I'm all ears!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chalkboard Frame

I finally have a chalkboard project!! Ok, it was a really simple one...but gotta start somewhere lol. Just a $1 frame from Michaels and some chalkboard paint, and whoala! I have a captionable frame.

Just love my big duckie that I recieved one year from a good friend and her husband *s*

Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Honor of Beethoven

Donna from Funky Junk Interiors lost her beloved Beethoven this month, and she is honoring him by doing a linky party. I believe that my furry little babies are just that, my babies, my children. Their lives should be celebrated the same as ours. These are all my babies that have owned me since I was an adult, in the order of their arrival.

This is Meez, who joined Scott and I on Mother's Day, 1996. He always grew up with dogs, but had a secret love of cats, which not everyone in the family shared. After lots of searching the newspapers (no Craigslist back in the day lol), we found my baby. She has an attitude all her own, which really is putting it nicely. Siamese have their own personality and are usually attached to one human. This cat has been stuck to me like teflon since the day we brought her home. We just celebrated her 15th birthday *s*

Thanksgiving weekend many moons ago, I receive a phone call from Scott saying that it's below freezing at the camper and the cat that he's been feeding since summer followed him inside. Can he bring her home he asks. Well, silly me was always under the impression that this was a kitty. Instead he brings me a 3 year old terror, that hasn't seen a human other than him in a very long time. After much love, she finally came around and became my largest lap baby at 16 pounds. I was blessed to have her with me for 13 years.

Squeakers and her sister Miaya came to me the first weekend in October, 2005. They are also products of me answering the phone and saying, "yes, honey, of course you can bring home the kittens". Someday I will have to stop answering the phone *s*

Squeakers is the dominate of the two sisters. She always has to have the attention, and has no qualms about laying all over my laptop to get it. As she gets older, I find that she looks like my beloved Stray kitty. I've always wondered if they were from the same family. Squeaks loves to lay in the sun, both on the deck and in the driveway. She's the only kitty I've ever had that wanted to go outside. When Scott and I are outside, she's allowed out to roll around the concrete, and since my deck is fenced in, she's welcome to go out there to sun.

Miaya's my next "fluffiest" baby. Her personality is nothing like Squeaks. She's a shy kitty unless you live here, doesn't like to snuggle unless it's with her sis, and has no tolerance for any noise. You couldn't get her out the front door for anything. Her place in bed is always at the foot of the bed on my side. Always. She WILL make you move.

I believe Lucky definitely deserved her name. Apparently she lived with Chad's (ex neighbor) mom, but she was abused by her dog, so kitty moved in with Chad. She liked to be outdoors, so she spent most of her time at my house. I knew Chad was moving, but I had a surprise waiting for me one day when I came home from work. Lucky was in her usual spot on my chair on the porch, but beside my front door was her crate, bowl, and some food. He never asked if I would take care of her, but when I ran into him a few years later he said he knew that I would give her a good life. She was 16 or so when she adopted me, and I was blessed to be her mommy for another year and a half.

Our first puppy together is LaylaRose. She's a brindle boxer with enough energy for at least three people! She's 13 weeks old now and I never knew I could be so much of a dog person. I absolutely adore her, and look forward to our nightly snuggles. There's a learning curve for me with how to train a puppy, but I have faith that she will turn out ok in spite of me and my efforts. During the day, she stays with Scott at work (lucky puppy) and gets spoiled by both of us at night. I want her to stay puppy sized forever, but at 25 pounds now, I know it's not going to happen. She'll still always be our "Puppy Girl".

I hope that you've enjoyed reading about my babies. They are the lights of my life, and without them, this house would be way too quiet!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Shoegasm

Spring is finally here...ok...I really shouldn't say that so loud. We are having a day of sunshine, and it's the only day in weeks it hasn't rained. I even left work early ***sssshhhhh*** nobody knows, it's our little secret. Since we are having this beautiful dry weather, I decided that these shoes are perfect for a wispy creamy colored dress. Imagine it now...the breeze lightly blowing, the moon illuminating the in these fabby shoes walking on the boardwalk...with a man to carry another 7 pairs that He just bought YOU!!! Aaahhhh, the fantasy =)

I'm not big on spiders, well hate them actually, but I think the webs on the bottom of these are hot!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weathered Frame

So when do you know your project is doomed? From the start or when you're halfway through it and you want to throw it outside? I should have listened to the devil that sits on my shoulder...or my siamese, one in the same really.

Since I'm adding more nautical goodies to my dining room, I bought a few frames at Michael's to paint. Gotta love the $1 price tag!! Since I don't follow directions real well (act surprised will ya), this has more than enough coats of paint on it.


Frame & Brushes

Krylon Bahama Sea (you only need one of the blue paints)

Ceramcoat Tahiti Blue & Craftsmart White acrylic paints

Deco Art Weathered Wood in Medium

Stamps (I used Scrappy Cat - Vacation Swirl)

Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Tea Dye

Mod Podge to seal

(I'm giving you the bad directions first) I'm in a primer mood, so I did spray this one with primer but totally not needed. I really love Krylon's Bahama Sea, so I coated it twice. I painted a layer of white because I forgot the Weathered Wood, remembered, painted that on and realized I should have read the directions. I made the mistake of running the brush over where I had already painted, this was realized when I painted the white and it didn't weather. Ssssoooo...we catch up now with the real directions....

I started with the Tahiti Blue, and then the Weathered Wood. DO NOT go over any of the Weathered Wood, no matter how tempting. Add another coat, whatever, but DO NOT (yes I repeat in big capital letters so you know I'm serious) PAINT SAME SPOT TWICE!! Add your white coat in the same direction as you painted the Weathered Wood and let dry.

Because I cannot leave well enough alone, I did use some stamps, after I Podged. Some will never learn. Didn't come out real clear but I think it adds charm to it *s*.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Carnival Ride

So who wants to slow this carnival ride of life down for me so I can hop on?! I have been so overwhelmed this last week it's incredible. Between my car (which still isn't done yet btw), I let my plates expire so I'm running around at the last minute trying to get the echeck in between other commitments. My step daughter decided she's coming for a visit in nine days and I'm about having a heart attack. Her bedroom turned into my room when she moved out over a year ago, so I need to return it back to a bedroom for her to stay in while she's here. I'm not sure she wants to sleep on half finished crafty least the Modge is dry lol. I miss my making messes *pout* Hopefully I can get everything caught up so I can get things done and have lots of pics to show ya!!!! Cross your fingers for me *s*

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So Much to Catch Up On...

since I've been sick. Which I still am by the way. I heal at the opposite of warp speed. My voice has finally came back to me and now I can have real conversations with people without them either laughing hysterically at me for sounding like a pubescent boy or saying they can't hear me. My cough still sounds like a pissed off walrus, but what can I do?

I did receive some crappy news today though. I took my car to the shop to have my tires rotated, balanced, and an alignment. I was ready to tell them keep the POS not happy with the news. Apparently, with only 28,800 miles, I need new tie rods, ball joints, and front tires. Short of having a nervous breakdown right there, I just told them I'd take the car home. So on my way to the shop (I spend my days off from job #1 working with hubby), I dropped it off at the place next door that does all sorts of car related goodness. They did agree with the same things being wrong, but thankfully, the quote came a little cheaper. Now my bumble bee is spending the night in the shop again. Still not over the computer system incident in November. Please don't anyone ask me what I think of Fords right now =)

I'm going to catch up on my laundry and I might even *gasp* clean the house a bit...maybe.