Monday, April 16, 2012


Wasn't sure if anyone uses Picnik but you may want to check out their page. They are also moving to Google+. Just an FYI =) For once I'm actually on top of something before it happens lol.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Where I've Been, Where I'm At, and Where I'm Going

Um...I don't know lol. I have been super busy the last two months! And I swear one of these days I'm going to post it all!!! I have pictures to prove it =) I hosted my daughter's baby shower for her little girl in March. That was an adventure that may deserve more than one post. I had drawn out several pages in my notebook about how I wanted to redecorate this summer, had even bought all new blinds. I had the puppy in classes for six long weeks. Only one night a week for an hour just about did us both in. I've been looking for a few small pieces of furniture to refinish to round out the house.

Which brings me to my present. I'm moving. To where I have no idea. We lease a townhouse in a condo allotment and after 16 years they have decided that they would make a lot more money if they renovate and sell. So my neighbor and I got the boot at the end of last month. We have till the end of May to find a new place because they will be gutting them both out and adding an additional floor.

It goes beyond words how heartbroken I am. I've made this our home and I really love it here. From previous posts through the years, you may remember I live on a lake with a dock in my backyard. I love the smell of algae (yes I'm aware that is really strange). I love listening to the geese, mallards, crickets, and frogs do their thing all night. Scott is so frustrated that we are hurrying to find a place. We were going to rent but both of us didn't realize that apparently rent has gone up in 16 years. What we are paying for a large amount of square footage has practically doubled in my area. We've decided that we are going to buy a house instead. To which I'm very excited about, but in turn, the searching and packing in a short amount of time is wearing out my brain. I'm stressed beyond belief.

One good thing is I'm definitely getting rid of stuff! There's an organizational blog somewhere out there that would be really proud of me. The other night Scott came home right after I got out of the shower and asked why I was still wandering around in my towel. I had to admit I had accidentally over packed my leggings that I wear around the house...and the tops roflmao. So may that be a lesson to those of you careful what you may need to wear it tomorrow!

I would like to document my journey for the new nest. I've already taken pictures of houses we looked at, etc. so I can share with you at some point. My camera and iphone are full of pictures of future posts so at some point I will return to blogland. Going to try to keep up with y'all though...much love♥