Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goals For 2011

Hi! Bet you thought I forgot about you again lol. No, I didn't. Really. By the time I get back to blogging, I always feel like maybe I should reintroduce myself each time. I'm thinking that if I blog my goals for this year, that maybe, just maybe, I'll have a chance at getting them done. Maybe my first goal should be blog more!!

Goal #1: Ok, I'll list it...make an effort to dust off the ol blog on occasion.

Goal #2: I know everyone always says this, but I really need to find myself some financial stability on my own, and not have everything linked with hubby. Last year he resolved to pay off all of is credit cards and not charge anything all year, and dammit, he did it. Kudos to him, but I'm so jealous at his resolve. I'm going to start small, try to cut my purchasing of scrap kits and tubes down to a minimum, start paying off the credit cards, and maybe start a savings account. My scrapping could make a dent in the National Debt!!

Goal #3: Another one that everyone hopes for: do something, anything really, about my health. I HAVE to go to the eye doctor soon or you're going to find the print on this blog gettin' real big. I have a thyroid problem that I was treating, but have stopped over the last few years. Need to get myself going with that. I would also like to restart pilates or yoga. I did enjoy them in the past, so have to pull out those DVD's.

Goal #4: Organize and declutter. Actually I should have reversed that but whatever. I've been stalking so many blogs lately and realize after looking at their beautiful homes that I really need to get rid of some "items". There's this closet in Dawnanna's room that I don't think I've opened in years. It was supposed to be hubby's closet, but it ended up where he was keeping his nice clothes and then he outgrew them lol and I just kept piling more crap in there. So now it is (was) piled literally to the limit. I'm to embarrassed to post before pics, but lets say 15 bags of Goodwill later, I'm ready to start putting some stuff back in there. Want to do the linen closet too. AND the basement *runs away in fright*

Goal #5: Cook and bake more. Hubby so picky that I've managed to get in a rut with what I cook, and I hardly bake anymore. Last thing was Oreo brownies that I saw on Amanda's blog last fall sometime. I've collected literally a ton of recipes to try.

Goal #6: To decorate the house more, ok, maybe more isn't the word. Just to decorate would be better. The last few years I have become so lazy with it. The last two years we haven't even had a tree. We had one 3 yrs. ago, but not the 4th. We always used real trees and hubby doesn't want to go through all that, but he can't find a fake one he likes either *rolls eyes*. So I didn't decorate for Christmas *holds head down in shame*. When I get to the decluttering of my holiday closet, I'm going to be better at it, I may even post pics (oh, that's another goal).

So...I think that's it for now. Lists like this I know are always meant to be improved upon!!


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