Sunday, March 20, 2011


Masshole Mommy compiled a list of things that make her happy, and invited us to do the same. Well here is my happiness list in no particular order *s*

Dunkin Donuts
Krispy Kreme Donuts
Chocolate (brownies, cake, candies)
The Ocean (everything about it, the smell, the sounds)
Fireworks (I think they are romantic)
Shopping (doesn't even matter for what!)
Shoes & Purses
Jewlery (costume or the real stuff)
80's hair bands (bon jovi is still drool worthy)
Sleeping in
A day off work
Laundry done!
Ice cream (hot fudge sundaes yummie)
My laptop
Paint Shop Pro
Making Tags or writing a tutorial
Sleeping with my fan on or the windows open when it's chilly out
Diet Coke
Time alone with Scott
Time spent on the bikes in the summer
Finishing a project and being able to hear well done
My furbabies
My memories

1 comment :

Boobies said...

You had me at Krispy Kremes....oh man!!!

But sleeping in beats all for me! (Next to the kids and hubby, of course!)