Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Newest Family Member

I'd like to introduce Layla Rose. She was born on Valentine's Day, so I think that means she's going to be the new love of my life *s*. Layla is a brindle boxer pup with lots of energy and love to share.

These pictures are what I have been up to for the last three weeks in between everything else. Spent two weeks researching the breed, foods, shopping for toys, pillows, crates, etc. We picked her up a week ago today and it's gone a lot better than I was expecting. Her days are filled with being at work with hubby and at night she tries to convince the cats that she is a great play buddie. Being the camera addict that I am, I'm almost ashamed at how many pictures that I have of her already. I just have to convince the little monster not to chew on the strap or lick the lens lol. You'll notice the top three pictures are of her sleeping. The reason being: The only time I can get to hold still!! This is how I see her most of the time...

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