Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why I Won't Become a Grafitti Artist

Are you asking yourself what I did to come to that conclusion? I attempted spray painting. All the painting I have ever done in my life has been with a brush. I did get this idea that I needed to practice because I want to put up some new shelves in the bedroom.

The first mistake is: hubby and I were at WalMart picking up an extension cord, I tell him I need spray paint. He kind of reminds me of a parent taking over a school project lol. We go down the spray paint aisle, I pick up a can of black paint and a can of primer. "Are you sure that's what you want?" I say in my best knowledgeable voice "yes, this is what they picture on all those blogs I stalk read". He just looks at me and proceeds to look over every brand of spray paint there is, tell me what each is for, then ask me what I'm doing. I tell him I don't want the dollar a can stuff, I really like the choice of colors from Krylon, and I don't need Rustoleum, that looks like outside stuff. So we start going through the colors. "How about this one, it's a nice shade of blue, or this green is ok". I decide on watermelon because I want to do a few frames to hang on a black/white damask board. "You only need three cans?" *sigh*

The second mistake is: "Do you want me to show you how to use it?" No, I can read the directions. So out on the deck I go with my newspapers and frame from Michaels. I layer the back of the frame in white primer, looks ok after it dries, but it needs another coat or two. I must have layered it on a little thick because it now has drips on one side. No big deal, I'm hand painting part of the frame black anyway. Turn frame over, spray other side. Dries ok. Spray another layer. Go inside and wait "patiently". Go back outside. Damn if the wind didn't blow my top layer of newspaper into the wet paint. I pick up frame, notice I have the paint to thick in one section as it's still wet and now stuck to my hand. Pick up newspapers, realize that because there was a slight wind, I now have over spray on deck. Think of how I can blame this on the neighbor kids. Throw frame on kitchen counter to dry. Hide it when he comes home.

Eventually I will finish the project and then post a picture. I couldn't get a close enough picture of the horrific drips or the newsprint. At least I still have my sense of humor, and the cats aren't white.

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