Friday, March 4, 2011

Germs Given for Free - See Post

So y'all need some extra germies running around right? Ugh, well, I made the mistake of answering that ad lol. Monday was the start of my demise and the best way to describe it is I was feeling miserably miserable. I'll spare ya the nightmarish details, but let's just say it wasn't pretty for about 13 hours there. I even called off work! That is something I never do because I feel that it's just a woman's nature to want to share...her germs *evil laughs*. No really, I was just raised with this annoyingly good work ethic. Yeah, thanks Mom. So I had two days of no work and I didn't get a thing done except for sleep, whine, and play favorites between the couch and my bed. The bed is my fave though in case you were wondering. So it's Friday and I'm still blah, but I have my sense of humor back and I know you're all thrilled about that! Aren't you?!?!

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