Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Sad iPhone & How it Almost Caused Divorce

I heard you ask why my iPhone is sad, thank you for asking =)  I know you're really puzzled over the divorce part.  Last Saturday I texted the Love of my Life if he wanted me to bring him lunch at work.  I sent him an adorable pic of Layla with one of her little rubber cheeseburgers and told him that she wanted cheeseburgers for lunch.  No answer.  So I went back to bed.  Woke up, still no answer.  Fine, he's busy.  We're two hours past the end of lunch, and I still haven't heard a peep from him.  Now I'm not gonna lie, I was a "little" pissed.  When I took my LaylaBoo out for a little sun time she was playing with the neighbor girls and I snapped a few pics and sent him one.  Nothing.  Nada.  Crickets.  Now he works a twelve hour shift, so I have a long time to mull over my pissedoffness.  By the time 8pm rolls around and now the crickets aren't even chirping, I have decided I'm going to break his cell phone with a hammer...a small craft one of course.  That way I can pound on it a couple of times.

So...he walks in the door, I'm nice, I'm polite, there's smoke coming out of my ears.  I ask why he couldn't answer my texts to which the reply was "I did, right after you sent them.  I was wondering where my cheeseburgers were."  HUH?  He showed me where he had indeed replied.  Fresh crow served daily.  Now I'm in love with my iPhone, I sleep with it for pete's sake.  So I KNOW it can't be my precious that isn't working.  We were going to CiCi's for pizza (ironically they have Cheeseburger Pizzas, my puppy would be in heaven) and as we're about a mile from the house, all these texts start coming through.  Like I said, fresh crow served daily.  Still not my phone.  No matter that the texts were from different people, not just him.

Fast forward to Monday.  He texted me twice to tell me he's not going to make it home for dinner.  I cooked dinner, veal parm.  Now those that follow my blog know it's a special day when I cook dammit.  He's not home, I'm not happy.  Puppy is, but she's always happy.  I have now come to realization that my precious is causing a divorce.  I've already divided up the furniture, and decided the happy puppy is mine.

Today I spend a little Googly time and realize that my precious iPhone has a problem.  Apparently there's a lot of preciouses that have problems.  It's a common, well known issue, dating back to last fall.  THEN FIX IT DAMMIT!!!  We could have had a fatherless puppy.  I found some directions on Verizon's website that say update by dialing *228 and do option 2.  That updates your roaming capabilities.  Now I know I wander around the house aimlessly for hours on end, but I wouldn't consider it roaming.  If that doesn't work, reprogram your phone by using option 1 instead.  If all else fails, reformat the phone?!  And lose all the pictures of my beloveds?!  WHAT?!  Insert iCloud here.  Apparently I can put all my photos on a cloud and it will save them.

Current time update:  Have precious plugged into my computer with her USB cord and it's doing a back up.  It's been going at it for 2 hours already, and has a guestimated four hours left.  I have two gigs of pics, etc on my phone.  Holy cow.  Thankfully no music or we'd be here all week.  As far as I can tell, just updating the roaming has worked, I test texted two people and we had conversations about buttered popcorn (thanks Christina, you made me eat half a box of Cheeze-its).  When all my pics are happily stored on the cloud, I will let ya'll see what I've been up to this month.  Loves to you all!!

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