Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend...The End

I worked Monday morning but because we were soooooo slow and nothing was breaking, I ended up getting sent home way early at 10 a.m.  I took advantage of the earliness and helped Scott throw out a lot of junk that we just weren't going to need at the new house.  We really didn't need it where we were either lol.  I'm such a hoarder at times.  He washed and waxed the bike for the second day in a row (sorry honey) so we could go for a ride.

He thinks it's great that I'm home early because now we can go to lunch.  We pass every single restaurant that I can think he could want, and by 45 minutes later, I'm hungry and the curiosity is killing me.  We've been wanting to go to Melt Bar & Grilled forever, so he was trying to surprise me.  Three quarters of the way there he realized that he didn't have the location in the GPS so we had to pull over and he had to confess his intentions of surprise.  He takes a lot of pride in surprising me, just sometimes he forgets to do the research lol.  I think it's so sweet though ♥  I looked up their address and was sad to find out they were closed because of the holiday.  I'm dying to try this place.  Back on the bike to find somewhere else.  About a half hour later and not finding anything open other than fast food, we tried a little home style restaurant.  Great food, lousy service.  Our waitress had friends in there and they were discussing some concert they were going to after work.  After ten minutes of riding, Scott isn't feeling well.  I'm starting to think it's not the heat, it's me.  We took the expressway home and he sacked out on the couch for four hours.  I know he was sick when he's napping and the tv isn't on.  I hope he starts feeling better soon.  It's no fun annoying him when he's sick =)

Soooooo....that was my busy weekend.  I have a sick hubby and a sunburn.  How was yours?

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