Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why I Will Never Be a Doctor

In my house I now believe it's one thing or another, and that would only be good if it were say....chocolate...or money lol. Last Sunday, I started with the whole scratchy throat sniffly thing, thought it was allergies. By Wednesday, I'm hacking up a lung, my voice is starting to go, and I pretty much feel like crap. I hadn't seen Mom in awhile, so I kept our lunch date (not missing out on crab wontons!!). Napped the rest of the afternoon, felt a little bit better, so hey, I'm cured. Woke up Thursday and went to work and was greeted with "Gee, you look like walking death". Ok folks, it's not even 7 am yet, it's not polite to judge. Made it through the whole day despite the people that think it's most amusing to hear me talk when I don't have a voice. Worked half day Friday, slept most of Saturday, worked half day Easter, said screw it on Monday around 2 am and called off. My ear was killing me, stabbing pains, all clogged up, couldn't hear out of it legit this time not ignoring hubby I slept til um *cough* 7 pm! Up for a coupla hours then back to bed with more frozen food on my head.

Which, here's a tip for those with annoying pets: Even though they may not like frozen veggies, they are aware that the frozen bag on your head that you're trying to hide from them in a towel, is indeed food. The puppy was ok, but the three voracious little hunters that I have chewed a freaking whole in my bag of frozen corn. WTH?!

Ok, back to the exciting stuffs. I made it through most of today *woohoo*, and thankfully I'm off tomorrow. I have a crafty to do list a mile long and this is really disrupting it. If I could just stop napping and start breathing I'm positive things would be soo much better. I have picture frames half started laying on the kitchen table, well mostly anyway. Hubby did say something about this funny string stuff in the living room. I know nothing.

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