Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today was going to be a great day, I slept in til 10, woke up refreshed, let's have waffles for breakfast I think to myself. I very rarely get to cook breakfast anymore because one of us isn't home, or we need to get up and get going somewhere. Kinda' special morning. I wander into the kitchen, get out the mixing bowls, and reach for the cabinet where the waffle recipe is. It's not really much of a recipe, just the list of ingredients. PANIC!!!!!!!! The recipe isn't there. I spend the next half an hour searching for it. Can't find it anywhere. Now I know what those keep calm posters mean lol. Take a deep breath, lets look in my favorites, I'm sure I've booked marked one. Thankfully, I have one bookmarked..."Waffle of Insane Greatness" posted by Steph over at Plain Chicken. With that kind of title, I'm all over it.

I read over the ingredients...don't have buttermilk. Oh well, 2% is going to have to do. Cornstarch?! mmmm....hey, check it out, a brand new box. We are in business. Start mixing my dry ingredients. Why in the world do I not have baking soda?! Well, we aren't going to mention that. Warm up my heart waffle maker. Yes folks, I do have a real one, but I said today was special ok?! I mix my ingredients, I sorta' wait my half hour. Ok, no not really, just 10 minutes. The rate I'm going, these aren't prolly going to be that good. It says not to use cooking spray. Oh my. I don't use it, what's the worst that's gonna happen? Cook my waffle up, open up the lid, oh wow, does it smell good. It's a nice crust on it and it really did come right out without a battle. Throw it on the plate, smother in butter and maple syrup, and the next thing I know, I ate it all!!! I forgot to take a picture!!

These are the best waffles!!!!! Since I accidentally inhaled it so fast, I had to make myself another one. Sorry, no staging, no prepping, take the picture so I can eat it!! So a big shout out to Steph for saving my tail and posting the greatest waffle recipe!!!!! Thank you (hug).

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