Sunday, November 4, 2012

Peanut Butter Cake - The Best Ever!!!!

And when I say the best ever, I really, truly mean it. You have to trust me, I ate over half the cake myself lol. I couldn't help it, I just kept hearing it call to me in the kitchen. Where did I stumble upon such an example of yumminess you may ask? At The Girl That Ate Everything. I didn't change the recipe at all, but I did use a different pan. I switched out to a 9x13 and upped the baking time to 25 minutes. Hubby did suggest an addition of chocolate. Maybe syrup drizzled over a piece in some fashionable style? You can find the recipe here, and let her know I sent ya!

A picture fresh out of the oven. And yes, I bake at night so the pic is dark.

The only problem that I had was the icing. When I mixed it, the powdered sugar lumped like crazy. I poured it in slow while still mixing, so I don't know if it was older than I thought or mix was too hot. Didn't change the taste of the icing at all though =)

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