Sunday, August 26, 2012

What We've Accomplished

Since moving into the money pit, I've decided we are going to be next moving into the poor house.

When the bank had the house dewinterized, the lackey that they sent out broke the kitchen faucet and left the water faucet in the garage on.  So, the water was at least already cleared for us, in a big way you could say.  And the garage floor was clean in that spot lol.

I have decided that I love Lowe's.  More so than the clothing store that I usually frequent so much that they know my name, and have occasionally put stuff back when it comes in because they know it will be on my must have list.  So you know Lowe's must be good.  No they aren't sponsoring me, but you know, that is such an awesome idea. Hey Lowe's!!!  I've already spent about $2000 in your stores, could ya send me a gift card?!?!?!  Gee, I'm not shy am I =)

We had to buy a kitchen faucet, a bathroom faucet because the guests can't wash their hands in that one either, a garage door opener (they took the brackets when they moved), all new door locks, a bathroom fan (the old one sounded like a tornado), and a huge pile of other little goodies.  I was actually in a Lowe's three times the first week in the house.

We also had to buy a fridge because there wasn't one.  That was my housewarming giftie from Mom, a brand new toy for me.  OMG...I LOVE my fridge now too!!!  Then when we turned on the stove to cook my first meal in my new home...holy cow...the stove smokes...that's prolly not supposed to do that.  So I have a new stove too.  I know I've hit domestic blissdom when new kitchen appliances make me as happy as puppy kisses!!!

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