Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm So Far Behind...

...that I'm not sure I even see my behind anymore lol. There is so much to say, but I don't even know where to begin. We did find a house, couldn't remember if I told you or not. Which is why I have been not posting. It's not like the house won't let me, it's just I've either been busy, or just flat out pooped. We had to be out of old place by the 25th of June. Because of the HOA turning in random bills to the bank that needed to be resolved, they delayed our signing by three weeks. Apparently the last homeowner never paid them, plus the house was vacant for a year or so. I was so utterly frustrated you wouldn't believe.

Scott didn't sign on the house until the exact day we were supposed to out. When he texted me the picture of the keys, I almost cried. I think if I wasn't at work I would have. We were getting charged $50 a day for every day we ran over so we were putting in eighteen hours days to get out. We have an enclosed motorcycle trailer that we had loaded and ready to go the whole time. It was just parked in the driveway patiently waiting to be unloaded. Unlike most couples, this is only our third move in 19 years. The last place we had been in for seventeen years, so I had accumulated enough to qualify for hoarders! I looked at websites, listened to friends, but it still didn't go well

Everything we had out of the old place within two days except for the furniture. Why that is such a miracle is Scott wasn't coming home from work until eight at night (he works twelve hour shifts). So when I was getting home at four, I was busting my tail to get the trailer loaded with another load. Since we were moving during the week, I didn't want to ask friends to devote all those late nights to help, so I only had my mom helping. Poor Mom

So if you're still with me, you don't want to miss the next post...the Friday moving tale was a blast =)

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