Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weathered Frame

So when do you know your project is doomed? From the start or when you're halfway through it and you want to throw it outside? I should have listened to the devil that sits on my shoulder...or my siamese, one in the same really.

Since I'm adding more nautical goodies to my dining room, I bought a few frames at Michael's to paint. Gotta love the $1 price tag!! Since I don't follow directions real well (act surprised will ya), this has more than enough coats of paint on it.


Frame & Brushes

Krylon Bahama Sea (you only need one of the blue paints)

Ceramcoat Tahiti Blue & Craftsmart White acrylic paints

Deco Art Weathered Wood in Medium

Stamps (I used Scrappy Cat - Vacation Swirl)

Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Tea Dye

Mod Podge to seal

(I'm giving you the bad directions first) I'm in a primer mood, so I did spray this one with primer but totally not needed. I really love Krylon's Bahama Sea, so I coated it twice. I painted a layer of white because I forgot the Weathered Wood, remembered, painted that on and realized I should have read the directions. I made the mistake of running the brush over where I had already painted, this was realized when I painted the white and it didn't weather. Ssssoooo...we catch up now with the real directions....

I started with the Tahiti Blue, and then the Weathered Wood. DO NOT go over any of the Weathered Wood, no matter how tempting. Add another coat, whatever, but DO NOT (yes I repeat in big capital letters so you know I'm serious) PAINT SAME SPOT TWICE!! Add your white coat in the same direction as you painted the Weathered Wood and let dry.

Because I cannot leave well enough alone, I did use some stamps, after I Podged. Some will never learn. Didn't come out real clear but I think it adds charm to it *s*.

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