Monday, May 9, 2011

Carnival Ride

So who wants to slow this carnival ride of life down for me so I can hop on?! I have been so overwhelmed this last week it's incredible. Between my car (which still isn't done yet btw), I let my plates expire so I'm running around at the last minute trying to get the echeck in between other commitments. My step daughter decided she's coming for a visit in nine days and I'm about having a heart attack. Her bedroom turned into my room when she moved out over a year ago, so I need to return it back to a bedroom for her to stay in while she's here. I'm not sure she wants to sleep on half finished crafty least the Modge is dry lol. I miss my making messes *pout* Hopefully I can get everything caught up so I can get things done and have lots of pics to show ya!!!! Cross your fingers for me *s*

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