Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So Much to Catch Up On...

since I've been sick. Which I still am by the way. I heal at the opposite of warp speed. My voice has finally came back to me and now I can have real conversations with people without them either laughing hysterically at me for sounding like a pubescent boy or saying they can't hear me. My cough still sounds like a pissed off walrus, but what can I do?

I did receive some crappy news today though. I took my car to the shop to have my tires rotated, balanced, and an alignment. I was ready to tell them keep the POS not happy with the news. Apparently, with only 28,800 miles, I need new tie rods, ball joints, and front tires. Short of having a nervous breakdown right there, I just told them I'd take the car home. So on my way to the shop (I spend my days off from job #1 working with hubby), I dropped it off at the place next door that does all sorts of car related goodness. They did agree with the same things being wrong, but thankfully, the quote came a little cheaper. Now my bumble bee is spending the night in the shop again. Still not over the computer system incident in November. Please don't anyone ask me what I think of Fords right now =)

I'm going to catch up on my laundry and I might even *gasp* clean the house a bit...maybe.

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