Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Plumber

If that's what you call it anyway lol. This post is going to be an English teacher's worst nightmare...DO NOT get out the red pin lol.

My kitchen drain ended up clogged, but I wasn't sure why. I took the drain pieces parts apart, nada. Snaked in the wall, nada. Called my coa (condo owner's association) person who thinks I'm a woman and it's going to be an easy fix. I hurry home from work the next day since he's going to be there waiting on me, promptly at 4 pm. I don't hear from him, after an hour I send a very nice reminder text and ask if everything is ok *sigh* nothing, at 6 I send another text, you know, just in case the other one didn't arrive *sigh* nothing. Three hours late (he forgot), here he comes with a bucket and a snake, no tools (keep that in mind, you'll need it later). It starts off with him opening the cupboard under the sink and asking if I have any pipe wrenches. I do, but you don't need them for those new fangled pipes. Oh, good. I watch him take apart all the pipes, snake and then says after 15 minutes it was fixed. He then hooks everything up and runs water. I know I don't have to tell you it wasn't fixed. So he takes it all apart again (after he uses my bowls and towels because he didn't bring any). So he starts snaking again AND broke it off in the wall!!! Yes, I said he broke the snake off in the wall. Not sure how that happened, but all I thought was a sailor had been under the sink instead. Soooo...he ask's if I have a tiny mirror, why yes, I have a dental mirror and let me get you a flashlight too, you'll need it. A half hour later, he calls someone and was whispering. After that he asks if I have a sawzall and a hacksaw. Why yes, yes I do...after he used the sawzall to cut huge hole in cabinetry,took 1/2 hour to find the snake, hooks up another snake, says, oh I know it's fixed this time, THEN stands up and WASHES HIS HANDS IN THE SINK. Notice I didn't say anything about hooking back up the plumbing in the wall yet. Water EVERYWHERE. He hooks the shit back up, not fixed. Tells me he'll be back tomorrow with a plumber. At what point he decided maybe a professional should look at it I don't know. I say 4 o'clock on the dot, then he says, well could ya text me and remind me just in case. See, he was going to the bar to have a drink and wasn't sure how things were gonna go. I told him if he ends up in jail the one and only phone call he should make is to the PLUMBER!! Sooooo....

Fast forward to next day (Friday), I kindly text my lovely coa guy at 3 and remind him I'll be coming home in a bit and wanted to make sure we still were ok with our plans. Nothing. Maybe he doesn't have his phone with him. I hurry home. Would you be surprised if I said he wasn't there by 5? He finally calls me. Well, the plumbers don't work that late so they can't make it out til Monday, maybe around noon. I thought plumbers were 24 hours. These are not. Well, they are, but since he's made such mess he'll pay for the plumber, and he doesn't want to pay overtime. Fine, I'll be gone most of the weekend, but I can't make it home by noon on Monday. I have a job, imagine that. So I suggest Wednesday. Nope, plumber is busy. They only have one plumber?! Well, no, but they have a big job to do, and my kitchen sink doesn't compare. Fine. We settle on Thursday, but they refuse to come out any later than noon. I leave work early. Not happy. They run the snake,within 10 minutes, "Ma'am, your sink is ready to go". Huh?! What?! "We snaked 50 feet and your drain is cleared, everything is ok for you." After a whole week, you have no idea how thankful I am that this is fixed. Now my drain DOES work, I only have this giant whole in the back of the cabinet with the pink fluffies hanging out because COA guy threw out the board *sigh*

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