Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Catch All Post

I'm sitting here at work (what else would I do here on a Sunday at 7am?) wondering what I accomplished last month. I broke a few things does that count? My car with the 33,000 miles has a "small" exhaust issue. Ok, truth be told, the pipe that goes into one of the mufflers decided it didn't want to be attached to the car anymore. I won that argument and showed it who's boss. I did the proverbial wire it up until I'm done with other purchases (like a phone). Good grief my priorities are horrible lol.

I'm going to tell ya about my plumbing issue in a post all it's own. Yes, I feel it is that good!

I did review my resolves that I put in the last post. So far I've already blown #1.

#2...sucked at this one too.

#3...kinda' sorta. Looked into this Aflac-y thing that Scott's insurance agent offered since I don't have insurance through my day job. I have to write the check, looks like a good plan for me. So this is a start.

#4...I did manage to get rid of some junk. So far there are 6 bags ready to go to Goodwill, and I prolly put at least 5 loaded bags at the curb. I also found a few cool ways to get my closet under control, so yes, that'll be another post. I have all these posts planned, better get my fingers in control and start typing *s*

#5...I've kinda' done well with the whole cooking thing. Last week was veal parm, homemade meatball subs, meatloaf and taters, nachos, and smothered chicken with macaroni. Didn't bake, but I cooked, and that is like a really big thing for me!!

#6...well I've pinned more =) Has dust on it.

#8...haven't been into any baby type stores to buy any cute goodies...have looked on line though.

So, looking back at the month, not too bad.

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