Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday 5 at 5

I hope everyone's week went fabby! I finally filed my taxes. This is a chore that I put off every year because well...I'm a procrastinator.

I've decided that I have seen enough snow now, and spring needs to hurry up. Spring in Ohio always means snow and a change of at least 40+ degrees in a day. It was 71 today so the snow melted!!

Things I'm loving this week...

Easter is around the corner.  As in next weekend.  Are you having a big family dinner? Do you go all out in the decorating?  I just can't get into it this year.  Normally I have bunnies and eggs everywhere, but...I did find this really adorable printable of a watercolor bunny that I'm going to display.

The Skimm - This is a website that was created for me in mind, but I feel like the last person on earth to discover it. The Skimm words the most popular news stories in a not so boring way and it's easy to follow, while keeping me educated. There's a little bit of snark thrown in which of course helps too.

Love Sonic's just right sized ice? Then this is for you. It's pricey and it's one more thing to clutter up the counter, but it's a great idea!

Did you know PicMonkey has an app?? I feel like I've been living in a box lately. They added a new filter called "lush" that I have been experimenting with. As some of you know with my life changes lately, I have not been on much social media. I'm just now starting to prettify my pictures so I can get back to the internet world.

#giraffewatch - Are you following? I love giraffes, so I do check in on her periodically. At time of this posting, she has not delivered. I feel so bad for her when she tries to lay down, poor baby looks so uncomfortable. She has made her own little stamp on the world and you can watch her here.

That is it for this week! Much ♥ to you all

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