Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm Normal Again...

Well, as normal as normal gets anyway. I'm back to my regularly scheduled life. I have brought with me a case of the sniffles. Which includes a bag with cough drops, cough syrup, tissues, and sanitizer. Never leave home without it lol. Oh, and my blankie. Yes, I take my blankie to work with me. Our building is a little on the chill side so we can keep all of our servers happy, so I keep my blankie over my legs. I'm excited though to be back to being off at 3:30! I couldn't keep up with the housework! The dust bunnies were in process of staging a revolt. No fears though, I haulted that production =) I admire all the the working families that can still keep a house clean!!!! Spring's around the corner my chickies woot woot!

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