Saturday, January 18, 2014

Joys of Moving Blogs...

So I got this bright idea to move my blog to another account.  Some days I wonder what's wrong with me lol. Since I was just moving from one blogger account to another, that went pretty smooth.  Easy as pie.  Well, til I started adding more blog posts. Now when I publish new posts, the whole left column drops to the bottom of the page. I have deleted and readded posts more times than I care to count. Then I had the great realization:  social media, accounts, mailing lists, oh what have I done?!

Two days later, I think I have it.  But then, oh no, what if I can tweak this, hum...wonder what would happen and how it would look it I did this?  Still messed up left column?!?! When does the madness stop?!

So...I'm here now, unless I accidentally hit the wrong button.  I hope you enjoy the new look, and yes, I'm still tweaking it lol.

P.S I just realized, now I want to go through the old posts and update them lol.

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