Monday, December 16, 2013

Mixed Metal Mantle

Trying saying that title three times fast lol. I'm really pleased with how it turned out this year. I picked up the red candle holders at Michael's just a few days ago when they put all of there Christmas items for 70%. Perfect time to stock up!! I picked up items that I could use for other holiday's too, which was a real find. I've has some of these reindeer a few years, some came from Target, others from Michael's. I picked up the stocking holders after Christmas a few years back and the paw was from Kohl's right when they put there Christmas goodies out this year. The last picture is a cute tree I picked up this year at Michael's also. Somehow I always wait til the last minute to put up my decorations. It's not like I don't know Christmas is coming, it's not a surprise. My procrastination really annoys me some days. I hope you enjoy the pictures =)

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